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About the Display: Promethium is a radioactive element, therefore, the box contains items that represent the element and the Greek god Prometheus. Prometheus was known to be an intelligent trickster who stole fire from Zeus to give to mortals, resulting in his subsequent punishment. He was punished by remaining in chains as an eagle ate his liver, only for the liver to grow back and be eaten again the following day.

Box Contains:

  • Promethium label pin painted with a luminescent paint: before scientists realized the dangers of radioactive material, promethium was used in luminescent paints, particularly blue and green ones due to its glow
  • Prometheus statue: representing him bringing fire to mankind
  • Prometheus keychains: representing his punishment and victories for mankind
  • Prometheus postcards: depicting his punishment from Zeus


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Symbol: Pm

Atomic Number:  61

Atomic Mass:

Electron Configuration:

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Last Updated: 5/3/18