Office of Residence Life

Business and Innovation Living Learning Community

The Business and Innovation Living Learning Community (BILLC) is designed for students majoring in any College of Business and Innovation major. This community creates an environment that will allow students to grow as professionals, come together to share their interests, ideas, and future goals with one another, and encourage them to be successful in college and their future careers.

The Business and Innovation Living Learning Community (BILLC) is located in the International House.       


Horton International House is a suite-style living facility with an international focus and houses 400 students. Suites are either 4-person, with two double bedrooms, or 6-person with two double bedrooms and two single bedrooms. Each suite includes a furnished living room and private bathroom. The facility houses an in-hall dining facility, ritual washroom and a community kitchen with dining area.  

Academics are the focus of the BILLC. Residents live with students who take the same classes.  Upper-class peer mentors from the College of Business and Innovation offer support to residents. Programming is offered in conjunction with the College of Business and Innovation, and students have numerous opportunities to interact with faculty and staff inside the residence hall. Additionally, residents have advising hours and student support office hours on their floor.

Students living in the BILLC develop an academic-centered community with floor programming and social events enhancing this focus. As a member of the floor, you will have the opportunity to live with students taking many of the same business classes and attending the same college functions.

There is a $50 per semester programming fee associated with this living learning community.

Last Updated: 6/30/19