Adult and Transfer Admission

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Readmit Admission

We're so glad to see you back. Once a Rocket, always a Rocket.

Our readmission process differs a bit from the first-time app process. Our admission team can help you navigate the process.


First, you need to define which type of readmit student you are. The application process differs for each of you.

Readmit Student

You are considered a readmit student if you:

  • Attended UToledo and have been away for two consecutive terms (excluding summer)
  • Earned your undergraduate degree at UToledo, never took a college class anywhere else after finishing your degree and want to earn another bachelor's degree

Follow the admission process below.

Transfer Readmit Student

You are considered a transfer readmit student if you:

  • Attended UToledo and then went to another university after leaving UToledo.

Follow the transfer admission process.


How to apply as a readmit student

1. Submit online application.

Our simple Application for Undergraduate Readmission is easy to fill out. Keep your password and login handy to check on the progress of your application.

We will determine whether you are eligible for admission to your intended program and which catalog you will follow to earn your degree (the catalog from when you were first enrolled at UToledo or the newer one).

2. Check your personal email.

We will notify you of an admission decision within a week of receiving all necessary documents and your application.

We send notifications to your personal email. You'll then receive an admission package at your permanent address within a couple weeks. Both communications include next steps to take if you're admitted.

IMPORTANT: You may be admitted to the University but NOT to the college or program to which you applied. For instance, you may not meet the requirements of your requested program. Contact a transfer specialist with questions.

Readmit Tuition and Scholarships

Many of our students receive scholarships and other forms of financial aid. Contact Rocket Solution Central ― our one-stop shop for financial aid questions ― to talk about the aid for which you may be eligible.

NOTE: If you've already earned a bachelor's degree, you are NOT eligible for scholarships or grants. You may be eligible for student loans. We recommend filling out a FAFSA if you are considering loans. 

Rocket Solution Central
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Visit 1200 Rocket Hall ― Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

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Last Updated: 8/21/23