Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Present and Upcoming Anthropology Courses
Summer 2020
Field Methods in Archaeology - ANTH 4510 (U) [6 weeks - taken as 6 credits]

Methods of excavation and recovery of archaeological data. Field school is conducted during excavation of a prehistoric site in the Toledo area. (For more information contact Dr. Melissa Baltus,

See Archaeological Field school Page for more details

Additional online summer courses offered:

Introduction to Anthropology - ANTH 1020 (U) (online)

A survey of the varied aspects of anthropology, including cultural anthropology, prehistory, physical anthropology and linguistics.

African American Culture - ANTH 2900 (U) (online)

A survey of the socio-historical and cultural factors of African Americans in the U.S.

Fall 2020

Proseminar in Anthropology I - ANTH 2000 (U)

Students are introduced to the academic and professional nature of Anthropology. Topics covered include professional socialization, honor theses, portfolio construction, preparation for graduate studies, and career development.

Introduction to Archaeology - ANTH 2020* (U)

An introduction to the history, methods and techniques of archaeology and how the discipline of archaeology is related to anthropology, ethnohistory, history and geology. 
* Course number to change to ANTH 2600; course will count toward major/minor credit.

Human Evolution - ANTH 2700 (U)

An survey of the human species in time, place and culture and the investigation of the factors underlying human biological variation.

Cultural Anthropology - ANTH 2800 (U) (Lecture & Online)

Introduction to culture patterns and processes and their relationship to human society and language.

African American Culture - ANTH 2900 (U)

A survey of the socio-historical and cultural factors of African Americans in the U.S.

Ethnobotany (Special Topics in Anthropology) - ANTH 2980 (U)

Special Topics Course: Contact Dr. Seamus Metress for more information (

Ecotourism: Studies of the Africana World - ANTH 3800 (U) (Online)

Introducing students to the field of ecotourism studies and specific challenges of community development and sustainability. The course covers ecotoursim in the Africana world of Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

North American Archaeology - ANTH 3900 (U)

This course focuses on the history of North America as known from the archaeological record; from peopling of North America through early historical contexts. (prerequisites: ANTH 1020 or ANTH 2020)

Proseminar in Anthropology II - ANTH 4000 (U)

Discussion among faculty and students devoted to the study of Anthropology with a special focus on the development of a professional portfolio for graduate work or career.

Laboratory Methods in Archaeology - ANTH 4520 (U)

Instruction in the methods and techniques employed by the archaeologist to analyze cultural material recovered in the field.

Medical Anthropology - ANTH 4760(U)/5760 (G)

An examination of the biocultural nature of health and illness, with special emphasis on changing patterns of disease in non-western societies.

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