Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Upcoming Anthropology Courses

Spring 2024

Introduction to Anthropology- ANTH 1020 (Online)

A survey of the varied aspects of anthropology, including cultural anthropology, prehistory, physical anthropology and linguistics. (not for major credit)

Human Society Through Film - ANTH 2100

An introduction through the use of ethnographic film to various aspects of non-western culture and the development of the use of film in anthropology.

World Archaeology - ANTH 2750

A survey of the processes of cultural development from the lower Pleistocene to development of writing.

Cultural Anthropology - ANTH 2800

Introduction to culture patterns and processes and their relationship to human society and language.

African American Culture - ANTH 2900

A survey of the socio-historical and cultural factors of African Americans in the U.S.

Peoples of the World - ANTH 3850

An introduction to the socioeconomic activities in societies of varying sociocultural complexity.

History & Theory in Anthropology - ANTH 4200 (WAC)

This course acquaints students with various schools of anthropological theory, stressing the influence of traditional approaches on contemporary thought and the impact of historical context on the development of theory. (prerequisite ANTH 2800)

People, Population, and Society: Demographic Analysis - ANTH 4440/5440

Methods of population analysis, including examination and evaluation of data sources.

Human Osteology - ANTH 4790

This course focuses on human skeletal anatomy and bone morphology using an evolutionary and biocultural perspective. Students are introduced to skeletal elements, their major landmarks, and methods for analyzing materials and assessing variation. (prerequisite: Anth 2700)

The Irish-American Experience - ANTH 4860

A survey of the socio-historical and cultural factors related to the immigration and adaptation of the Irish in America.


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