Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Karie Peralta

Zych in the field, Aztalan, Wisconsin

Associate Professor of Sociology

Anthropology Undergraduate Advisor

Office: UH 2630 A
Phone: 419.530.4659


Ph.D. in Sociology, 2015, University of Miami
M.A. in Cultural and Educational Policy Studies, 2010, Loyola University Chicago
B.A. in Spanish for Social and Community Services, 2005, Saint Xavier University Chicago

Research Interests

My research is interdisciplinary and draws from Dominican studies, education, organization studies, community development, migration studies, human rights, and urban studies.  As an applied sociologist, I am passionate about community-engaged research and experiential learning.  I enjoy using participatory approaches with civil society organizations to address social and organizational issues.  Much of my research has been in the Dominican Republic where I have conducted an action research project focused on volunteerism, a community survey of households with children that attend a bilingual Haitian Creole and Spanish school, a nutritional status assessment of school-aged children, research capacity building workshops, and interviews with Haitian immigrant-serving NGOs about their community work.  Several of these projects involved collaborating with my students.  Underpinning all of my research is my concern for social justice.


2022 Peralta, Karie Jo. “Transforming Sociology Courses with Human Rights Education: Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Classroom Environment Considerations.” Societies without Borders: Human Rights and the Social Sciences 16(1): 74-90.

2022 Arps, Shahna and Karie Jo Peralta. "Building Local Capacity for Monitoring Health Through Nutritional Status Training in The Dominican Republic.” Practicing Anthropology 44(2): 46-51.

2021 Peralta, Karie Jo. “Everyday Resilience Strategies of Haitian Immigrant-Serving NGOs in the Dominican Republic: An Analysis of Community Work Experiences.” Sociological Focus 54(1), 60-76.

2021 Arps, Shahna and Karie Jo Peralta. “Living Conditions of Haitian Families in the Dominican Republic: A Comparison of Urban and Rural/Peri-urban Households.” Global Public Health 16(1): 103-119.

2020 Peralta, Karie Jo and Shahna Arps. “Civic Participation of Haitian Immigrants in the Dominican Republic: An Urban-Rural Comparison.” Journal of Social Inclusion 11(2): 64-77.

2018 Peralta, Karie Jo and Elissa Vaitkus. “Constructing Action: An Analysis of the Roles of Third Sector Actors During the Implementation of the Dominican Republic’s Regularization Plan.” VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations 30(6): 1319-1331.

2017 Peralta, Karie Jo. “Toward a Deeper Appreciation of Participatory Epistemology in Community-based Participatory Research.” PRISM: A Journal of Regional Engagement 6(1): 45-56.

2017 Peralta, Karie Jo and Monica Klonowski. “Examining Conceptual and Operational Definitions of ‘First Generation College Student’ in Research on Retention.” Journal of College Student Development 58(4): 630-636.

2017 Peralta, Karie Jo. “Engaging Volunteers and Communities Using a Community-based Ethical Framework.” Third Sector Review 23(1):163-181.

2016 Peralta, Karie Jo and John W. Murphy. “Community-based Participatory Research and the Co-Construction of Community Knowledge.” The Qualitative Report 21(9): 1713-1726.

2015 Peralta, Karie Jo and John W. Murphy. “Community-based Philosophy and Dialogue: Toward a New Understanding of the Planner-Community Relationship.” Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies 2(2): Article 6.

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Courses Taught

SOC 1010 - Introduction to Sociology
SOC 2000/4000 – Proseminar in Sociology
SOC 2410 – Communities
SOC/WGST/LST 2640 – Race, Class, and Gender
SOC 3270/5270 - Social Research Methods
SOC/ANTH 4450/5450 – Exploring the City
SOC/ANTH 4530/5530 – Qualitative Approaches in Social Science Research
SOC 4980/5980 – Community Organization and Development
SOC 6270 – Advanced Social Research Methods
SOC 6930 – Seminars in Sociology: Applied Sociology

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