UToledo Band Program

Wind Ensemble

The concert ensembles are a vibrant part of the Department of Music and the Band Program at UT. The Wind Ensemble and the Symphonic Band are open to all UT students and both perform several concerts throughout the year. Whether you want to be challenged as a player or just want to have fun playing music, we have an ensemble for you.

The University Wind Ensemble is comprised of some of the most talented wind players and percussionists on the UT campus, performing high-quality literature composed over the past 400 years. The ensemble stages up to three concerts each semester, both on and off campus. The Wind Ensemble is open to ALL university students through audition. Auditions consist of provided excerpts and sightreading.  For further information, email the director - jason.stumbo@utoledo.edu.

Audition excerpts for the Fall 2019 Wind Ensemble, and for any winds/percussion auditioning for the Orchestra, are below.  Simply select the link to your instrument for a printable pdf of the music.  Prepare the excerpts to the best of your abilities.  DO NOT STRESS.  No one is expecting perfection at the audition.  We are simply looking for how well you do with the limited time you have.  If auditioning for both ensembles, please prepare both sets of audition excerpts.

Wind Ensemble Only:
Flute - Oboe - Bassoon - Clarinet - Bass Clarinet - Saxophone
Trumpet - Horn - Trombone/Euphonium - Tuba - Percussion (Snare/Xylophone)

Orchestra Only:
Flute: Holst, Mercury, mm. 177-rehearsal 8, top line only
Oboe: Holst, Mercury, mm. 159-204, top line only
Clarinet in A: Holst, Mercury, mm. 22-rehearsal 3, top line only
Bassoon: Holst, Mercury, beginning-mm. 33, top line only
Horn: Holst, Jupiter, rehearsal 3-mm. 124, top line only
Trumpet: Holst, Jupiter, rehearsal 1-3, top line only
Trombone: Holst, Jupiter, mm. 367-rehearsal 17, top line only
Euphonium: 1. Holst, Mars, rehearsal 4-mm.92 / 2. Holst, Jupiter, mm. 363-375
Tuba: 1. Holst, Mars, mm. 126-rehearsal 11 / 2. Holst, Jupiter, rehearsal 11-mm.274
Percussion (Timpani): 1. Holst, Jupiter, mm. 16-rehearsal 2 / 2. Holst, Uranus, mm. 108-mm. 133

Fall Auditions will be held Monday and Tuesday, August 26 and 27.  Sign-up sheets for audition times will be available in the Music Department main office - CPA 1030 - beginning the week of August 19.  Auditions will consists of the excerpts and 1 or 2 basic scales.  

Last Updated: 6/27/22