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Technology has fundamentally changed how companies and their customers communicate. Interactive thinking needs to be at the heart of all marketing strategy, and interactive channels— at the heart of all marketing delivery. As customer control over communications with companies and brands is increasing, it is imperative for companies to regularly monitor and sustain multi-way interactions via newly emerging venues.

Digital Marketing is defined as moving from a transaction-based effort to a conversation with customers. A relationship is formed and maintained as information and data are continually provided by the customer to the firm mediated by technology. Many companies seek employees with the necessary resources and skills to stay abreast of latest developments in the areas of digital marketing and electronic commerce. A major or minor in Digital Marketing offers you exciting in-depth courses in these areas that will provide you with the skills needed to enhance customer satisfaction. Pursuing this career track will increase your competitiveness in today’s challenging job market.

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The International Business Program plays a key role in preparing future business managers for today's dynamic global marketplace. The program provides training for careers in small, mid-sized, and large companies and government and international agencies with global orientation, particularly multinational corporations, export-import firms, banks, transportation and logistics firms, and government and international agencies involved in the international trade, finance, and economics development.

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The marketing specialization provides the student with the skills to make decisions about product design and quality, pricing, channels of distribution, advertising, and personal selling in ways that enhance consumer satisfaction and further the goals of the organization. The student learns to approach problems with a clear understanding of the relationship between marketing and other business functions.


The professional sales major trains students for distinguished careers in business-to-business selling.

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