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PROGRAM Overview

The John B. and Lillian E. Neff College of Business and Innovation's Ph.D. program’s dedication to research reflects our strong history of success in training and preparing quality researchers who have developed successful careers at leading academic institutions. We have an alumni base of over 80 graduates many of who are currently working at leading institutions around the globe.

The program has gone through some major revisions in recent years. The current program is deeply focused on two tracks:

  1. Information Systems (IS)
  2. Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM)

Students must choose one of these two tracks. A student choosing the IS track will be fully qualified to take a tenure-track position in IS at a research or teaching institution. Similarly, students choosing the OSCM track are expected to join tenure-track positions in operations management (OM) or supply chain management (SCM) in research or teaching institutions. 

The program also has an increased emphasis on research methods and methodology. Students are exposed to a variety of research methods, including quantitative, statistical, analytical, algorithmic and qualitative approaches, thus enabling our graduates to be successful researchers in the diverse field of technology management.

It is our philosophy to continuously strive for excellence in our program and to provide the best opportunities to our students.

Program Mission

The Ph.D. program's mission is to produce competent scholars with in-depth skills in the creation and dissemination of knowledge in either operations and supply chain management (OSCM) or information systems (IS). We also expect our Ph.D.'s to be actively engaged in providing service to further the goals of the academic institution they serve and the larger academic and business communities. We thus seek to produce scholars who will take leadership positions in academia because of their outstanding contributions to research, teaching and service.

Program Vision

The vision of the Ph.D. program is to prepare future thought leaders and distinguish ourselves from other institutions by excelling in teaching and research in the following areas:

  • Management of Technology
  • Transformation of the Business by Technology
  • Best Practices in Operational Management
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Digital Supply Chain Management

The above represents an interrelated set of areas where our internationally acclaimed faculty have demonstrated strengths. Some of these areas focus on the integration of the two disciplines of Information Systems (IS) and Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM). We combine these two disciplines in our Information, Operations and Technology Management (IOTM) department. Leveraging our IOTM faculty that collaborate closely in research, we seek to become a center of excellence in these areas. 

Meet Dr. Xenophon Koufteros

Class of 1995, Ph.D. in Manufacturing Management

"At The University of Toledo, you get the personal attention from your professors to succeed. The right amount of resources are also available to see that you are successful. The faculty are outstanding and they care to see that you place well upon graduation."

Last Updated: 4/10/23