UT - MUO Merger

Marketing Campaign

Marketing and Communications
UT and MUO "Merging Two Great Institutions" campaign

The University of Toledo and the Medical University of Ohio will be combined as one university on July 1, 2006. An advertising and marketing communications campaign has been created to support this significant and historic event. A number of online, print and broadcast elements have been created to facilitate this.

Campaign objectives
   Build awareness of the impending merger and reinforce the importance of the two institutions 
   Communicate the value and benefits of the merger
   Build student, faculty, staff and community pride
   Promote enrollment and solicit inquiries
   Lay the foundation for future marketing efforts

Media Mix

Posters feature UT and MUO faculty, staff, students and alums to reinforce the value of the education and experience at the institutions
       UT alumnus/MUO medical student
       UT alumnus/MUO doctoral student
       UT employee/MUO patient
       UT employee and MUO physician
       MUO employee/UT alumna
       UT alumna/MUO occupational therapy student
       UT alumnus/MUO trained paramedic

Advertising media consists of print, outdoor and broadcast

High profile business publications such as Crain's Detroit Business were chosen to reach major decision makers and compete directly with institutions like the University of Michigan
        Crain's Detroit Business
Local and area papers carry the message of how more can be expected from the new University of Toledo.
        Toledo Blade ad
        City Paper ad 

Outdoor boards have been strategically placed throughout the area and feature individuals and alums from both campuses have been created to underscore the value the two institutions provide.
        Family Affair
        A Prescription for Success
        Climbing the Ladder of Success 
        A Healthy Combination 

:60, :30 and :15 second television commercials were created and are appearing on local network stations. They feature historical and present day shots from both institutions, reinforce the positive impact this merger will have and have a call to action.
        15 seconds commercial 
        30 seconds commercial 
        60 seconds commercial
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