UToledo Cares

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the UToledo Charitable Campaign the same as the annual United Way campaign?
Yes, it is, except you may now designate other charities to support with your pledge. The campaign enables you to choose from among more than 300 charities represented by four federations: United Way of Greater Toledo, Creating Healthier Communities, EarthShare Ohio, and Community Shares of Northwest Ohio.

Where can I find a list of charities supported by this campaign?
A complete list is available on this webpage; see the names of the four federations. When you fill out your e-pledge form, you may designate the specific charity (or several charities) that you want your gift to support. There are many to choose from, so it's easy to align your passion with a purpose!

How do I give to UToledo Cares?
You will receive a weekly email that has a link to your personalized e-pledge form online. Once you complete and submit your pledge form, you will no longer receive additional emails. (NOTE: Please do not forward this email to anyone else, as it contains your personal e-pledge form.)

Why can't I access the e-pledge form on this website?
The dollars we donate are managed confidentially by an organization outside the University (via United Way), which then distributes the money to all of the various charities. This helps to ensure our gifts remain secure. When you complete the e-pledge form (accessible via a link provided in weekly emails to you) and then submit it, it electronically goes directly to that site. We appreciate you following this process so that all of our gifts are fully accounted for and none are misplaced.

Once I make a pledge, when will I actually be charged for it?
When you complete the e-pledge form online, you may choose among several payment options, such as a credit card, cash or payroll deduction. If choosing payroll deduction, you can spread out your payments, which do not begin until January of next year.

What is the average gift size?
In previous years, the average gift size per person was approximately $250, which is around $20 per month. However, you are strongly encouraged to give ANY amount, large or small – even if it's just $5. This year's theme – "UToledo Cares About Your Health and Wellbeing" – captures the spirit of the campaign: You Matter and You Make a Difference. While there are many issues throughout this country and abroad that perhaps we can't directly influence, by working together we can make a collective and significant impact on the community we call home.

Is there a certain amount that faculty or employees are expected to give?
No. Every UToledo faculty, staff and retiree is asked to pledge whatever amount they can afford to help those in need. Every single dollar helps! And, all gifts are tax-deductible.

Are there various incentives for giving at different levels?
No. Each person who pledges a gift, no matter the amount, will receive an invitation to a breakfast buffet in February 9, 2023. 

Can UToledo retirees give to the UT Charitable Campaign?
Yes, we greatly appreciate their support, and our retirees have been sent a letter with instructions on how to give to this year's campaign. Their ongoing engagement with the University is truly valued, and we are extremely grateful for their contributions to this crucial community campaign!

Last Updated: 11/4/22