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26th Annual UT Banned Books Week Vigil Speakers

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Thursday (October 5) Room 1711 A-B in Health and Human Services

9:00        “Welcome,” Ben Myers, Chair of the Communication Department

9:30        “A Voice Released from the Cupboard: The Curious Story of Margery Kempe,” Jodi Jameson, Mulford Library, University Libraries

10:00     Dr. Linda Smith Lecture: “The Great Banned Books Bake Sale: The Personal Experiences with Banning of a Local Award-Winning Children’s Book Author, Aya Khalil”

11:00     “See-No Black, Speak-No Black, Hear-No Black,” Angela Siner, Director of Africana Studies and  Director of Anthropology Program

11:30     “Banning the Woke—Bad for America,” Warren Woodberry, Toledo Author and Educator

12 p.m. “To Read or Not to Read: American Freedom is in Question,“ Monita Mungo, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

12:30   “Lying by Omission” Barbara Mann, Professor Emerita, Jessup Scott Honors College

banner with three posters: On Drowing Rats, Banned Books taught me about Humanity and Perspective, and Celebrate the Freedom to Read

1:00      “On Drowning Rats: How Two Women Took Down a Sexual Harasser and How You Can Too,” coauthors: Rachel Richardson and Cami Roth Szirotnyak

1:30      “The Weaponization of the First Amendment,” Sam Nelson, Department of Political Science and Public Administration

2:00      “We have a choice between two Bs that is Ban or Burn!” Asma Abdel Halim, Women’s and Gender Studies

3:00       Banned Books Jeopardy!

3:30     “Book Banning in the News, 2022-23.” Paulette D. Kilmer, Department of Communication

4:00      “Beyond Books: Banning Trans,” Sharon Barnes, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies

4:30      “Banned Rainbow Songs” Risa Cohen, Ms. Ed., Director of Sing Into Music, with Christopher Antalek, Musician

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