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Event Liability Insurance for Student Organizations

Registered Student organizations (RSO) and their activities may be covered by UT liability insurance policies. However, there is a list of excluded activities that are not covered by the UT liability insurance program. Any proposed events should be reviewed with the Events Coordinator in the Division of Student Affairs Office. After that review, a determination will be made as to whether the RSO needs to purchase a separate liability insurance program.

This web page helps provide an understanding for the need for event liability insurance and assists organizations in obtaining that insurance coverage. Non-student, non-university organizations can click here for event liability insurance covering their use of UT facilities.

Does UT Liability Insurance Cover Student Organizations? Yes. UT liability insurance policies may apply to certain activities, however, this should be reviewed with the events coordinator in the Division of Student Affairs. Note: Certain activities are excluded from coverage.

What Does Event Insurance Do? Event liability insurance provides protection if the student organization, its officers, or members are sued as the result of an injury or other loss at the event. Event liability insurance, however, does not provide accident health coverage to the injured party of an event incident where they need medical attention. That is a separate type of insurance that may be required for sporting events. See the accident health coverage question below.

What Should an Event Insurance Policy Provide? When event liability insurance is desired, the insurance policy should provide the following:

(a) Coverage amount of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence;
(b) Date of coverage needs to indicate the date of the event being insured; and
(c) The state of Ohio, UT, and its officers and employees must be listed as additional insureds on the policy and on the Certificate of Insurance.

What Is a Certificate of Insurance? When insurance is purchased, a Certificate of Insurance is provided by the insurance company. It provides evidence that the insurance coverage has been purchased and will be in effect on the date of the event. It also shows the amount of coverage provided and any entity that is listed as an additional insured on the insurance. 

Where Can Event Liability Insurance Be Purchased? The following sources are available for obtaining event liability insurance:

(a) An organization that is affiliated with a national organization should check if their national organization’s insurance  policy can be extended for the student organization event. If so, the coverage must meet all insurance requirements as  per policy and a Certificate of Insurance must be provided.
(b) An organization may obtain the coverage from an insurance agency of their choice. Agents used for purchasing personal insurance coverage, such as auto insurance, renters insurance, etc., can be asked if they can provide event  insurance coverage as well. The agency can then obtain a quote and provide the required coverage and Certificate of  Insurance.
(c) If the above sources cannot provide insurance coverage, a one-time, on-line insurance quote can be obtained by going  to the following link: http://www.campusconnexions.com/. This website provides access to several types of insurance  products, one of them being event liability insurance, which will provide the insurance policy.
  In the Campus Connexions – Home box, click on the drop down arrow and select “University of Toledo” and click “Go." This takes you to the UT CampusConnexions website. Hover over the “Products” tool bar and drop down of several types of insurance products appears, one of them being “Event Liability Insurance.” Click on “Event Liability Insurance” and then click on the “Apply Now” to get a quote. If the quote is acceptable, payment can be made by credit card. A Certificate of Insurance is provided upon payment. 
  Note: UT has access to CampusConnexions through its membership in Inter-University Council – Insurance Consortium. CampusConnexion is a collaborative effort between Marsh, USA (the insurance broker for the Consortium) and Mercer (the insurance company providing the various insurance products).
(d) These sources of insurance can also be used in for any off campus events of the student organization when event liability insurance is required by the off campus location.

What Is Accident Medical Coverage? While event liability insurance covers the student organization and its leaders in the event of a lawsuit, an additional accident medical insurance policy provides for medical coverage should a participant be injured when the student organization is liable to the injured party and requires medical care.  

If event liability insurance is being sought for sporting events, the CampusConnexions website requires that accident medical coverage also be obtained or a $25,000 deductible on the event liability insurance will be applied. When obtaining a quote for event liability insurance for sporting events, a quote on accident medical coverage will also be provided. Event liability insurance coverage from other sources may not require accident medical coverage.

Have Questions? Contact Brenda Humberston, Director Workers' Compensation and Risk Specialist at 419-530-3655 or brenda.humberston@utoledo.edu.


Last Updated: 6/27/22