Supply Chain Management


PaymentWorks Information

All suppliers are encouraged to setup a free PaymentWorks account. This free self-service supplier portal is available 24/7 and will allow your company to view invoice status, remittance details, and securely maintain company contact, tax, and banking information. The registration process will determine if a company is best suited for payment via virtual credit card or ACH/direct deposit. 

Vendors New to PaymentWorks (Registration request)
Cick here to send a request to University of Toledo Accounts Payable department for a PaymentWorks account. You will receive an invitation for registration from PaymentWorks. Complete registration information and within 5 business days, your registration will be connected to the  University of Toledo. 

Vendors Enrolled in PaymentWorks (Viewing access request)
 Login to your PaymentWorks account.  To gain access to view invoices and remitances, send a manual connection request in the Messaging section with a recent invoice number and amount paid by University of Toledo. University of Toledo Accounts Payable department will accept the connection request if the invoice number and amount match a payment. Now you will be able to review all current and previous payments.

New Vendor Registration Help Documentation



Last Updated: 7/15/24