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Multimedia Designer

UToledo Online’s multimedia designer works in collaboration with faculty and instructional designers to provide effective, high-quality multimedia design services to support student learning and enhance course design, in both online and blended formats. Watch the video below for more information and examples of multimedia design projects:


Graphics & Visual Effects
We provide professional 2D and 3D design services for teaching and other academic use. This includes creating course banners, icons, animations, and visual effects to enhance your online or blended courses and create an engaging learning environment for your students.

Video Recording & Editing
Our multimedia designer, in partnership with the Center for Creative Instruction (CCI), uses a professional green screen facility and sound booth for high-end audio/video production. We can also meet you with you in your office, in a classroom or lab, or other dynamic locations to film and produce quality videos.

Additionally, we can enhance your video by adding transitions, music, and special effects, or adding graphics, photos, and animations that help to illustrate complex subjects.

Video Conversion & Digitization
We can convert your DVDs to a digital format and publish them to UToledo Online’s secure streaming media server for use in online learning environments. If you have media to be converted, please complete the Media Drop Off Form prior to dropping off your materials to Rocket Hall 1300.

Project Timelines*

2D Graphics/Course Banners:              2 weeks

3D Animations/Visual Effects:              2-6 weeks

Video Recording:                                         3-4 weeks

Video Editing:                                                5-6 weeks

Video Conversion/Digitization:           1-2 weeks

*Please Note: All timelines are variable and depend on the project scope. The estimates provided are based on having all the necessary information and materials needed to complete the project as well as prompt communication with the designer.

Robert NIX

Robert Nix HeadshotMultimedia Designer
Rocket Hall

A Toledo native, Robert “Rhino” Nix spent most of his childhood wanting to follow in his grandfather and mother's footsteps by pursuing a law enforcement career. Upon entering college, he was bitten by the art bug and soon developed a passion for writing, drawing, and painting. Upon graduating from The University of Toledo with a B.A., Robert got his Master of Fine Arts in Animation and Visual Effects at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Robert has worked assistant instructional designer and multimedia developer at UToledo Online for over 22 years. In his free time, he manages Black Wolf 3D Entertainment, a private start-up, to keep his skills fresh and up-to-date.

Favorite Quote: “A man’s worth is no greater than his ambitions." - Marcus Aurelius

Last Updated: 6/22/23