Center for Education in Mass Violence and Suicide

Katherine Delaney

kate delaney

Assistant Professor
Department of Early Childhood, Higher Education and Special Education

Gillham Hall 45005
Mail Stop 954

Katherine Delaney is an Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education at the University of Toledo. Kate's research is focused on understanding how teachers, children and families experience the impacts of federal, state and/or local policies in their daily lives in early childhood settings. These policies range from district level accountability, to federal evaluation, to mass violence response policies. The goal of Kate's research is to inform policy design and descion-making by including the voices of teachers, children and families. Kate's recent work has been focused on Head Start and Title 1 preschool classrooms in Ohio.


Delaney, K. K. (2017). Playing at violence: lock-down drills,‘bad guys’ and the construction of ‘acceptable’play in early childhood. Early child development and care187(5-6), 878-895.

Last Updated: 2/22/21