Center for Education in Mass Violence and Suicide

Sely-Ann Headley, M.P.H.

Ms. Sely-Ann Headley is currently a 3rd year Health Education doctoral student at the University of Toledo. Ms. Headley received a Master of Public Health degree with a concentration in Epidemiology, from the Northwest Ohio Consortium for Public Health (NOCPH), a joint effort of the University of Toledo and Bowling Green State University in 2013. Ms. Headley worked as a food safety auditor at NSF International, and as food safety and health education instructor before starting the Ph.D. program. Ms. Headley has had the opportunity to conduct research within the school of population health on various topics and had developed a keen interest in mitigating violence on university campuses.


Headley, S. A., Sheu, J. J., and Thompson, A. (November 2018). Contributors to Weapon Carrying among High School Students. Poster presentation at APHA's Annual Conference in San Diego, CA.

Headley-Wilson, S. A., Sheu, J. J., and Thompson, A. (October 2017). Impact of Excessive Alcohol Consumption on Weapon and Gun Carrying among HS students. Poster presentation at HEI 2017 Full Annual Conference, Maumee State Park, OH.

Manuscript Under Review:

Headley, S. A., Sheu, J. J., & Glassman, T., & Thompson A. J. (under review). Predictors of Weapon Carrying among High-School Students. Health and Social Work.


Campus Readiness: Preventing and Responding to an Active Threat. Training session at University of Toledo Main campus. February 2019.

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