Center for Education in Mass Violence and Suicide

Maria Ray Langheim

Maria Ray Langheim

Maria Ray Langheim, M.S.

Cell Phone:  217-553-8799



Maria Ray Langheim, also known as Mia, has a wide range of interests focusing on preventing school and campus violence, crime and active shooters by: educating faculty and staff on situational awareness and what to report based on recent incidents; increasing mental health awareness to identify and find assistance for students and staff; improve suicide awareness and resources; improve student coping skills; decreasing suicide or violent copycat behavior through education; and increase post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) knowledge and screening for students exposed to violence, during periods of increased community violence, and after natural or man-made disasters.

Mia's background includes experience in research and large data management for the past twelve years, teaching at the college level for the past eight years, and creating and managing the state of Illinois' School Safety Information Sharing program, working with administrators and law enforcement, for over three and a half years. Mia is currently working on a M.A. degree in Human Developmental Counseling in Clinical and Mental Health at the University of Illinois at Springfield.

Last Updated: 11/12/19