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Svetlana Beltyukova

Svetlana Beltyukova

Svetlana Beltyukova Dr. Svetlana Beltyukova
Research and Measurement Program
Department of Educational Studies

Gillham Hall Room 5400L
Mail Stop 921
Phone:  419.530.4204
Fax:      419.530.8447

Svetlana Beltyukova, Ph.D. in Educational Research and Measurement, teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in statistics, research design, and methods of survey research. She has expertise in Rasch measurement, development and validation of assessment instruments, test equating, item banking and program evaluation. She works on numerous grant evaluations and has an extensive experience with large-scale data analysis.


 Educational Background

2002   Ph.D.
Major 1: Research and Measurement.
Major 2: Higher Education Administration.
The University of Toledo
Toledo, OH


1996 M.E. 
Educational Administration & Supervision
The University of Toledo
Toledo, OH


Kiev Linguistic University
Kiev, Ukraine. 


English & German Philology
Teacher's Training College
Cherkassy, Ukraine

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 Scholarly Interests

Psychometric Analysis, Survey Development, Parametric and Nonparametric Statistical analysis, Quantitative and Mixed-Method Research Design, Program evaluation

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 Selected Publications

Peeters, M. & Beltyukova, S. (2018, November). Using Rasch Measurement to Revisit Survey Checklist Items.Academic Medicine, 93(11), p. 1603. 

Chaban, N., Beltyukova, S., & Fox, C. M. (2018).  Communicating NATO in the Asia-Pacific Press: Comparative Analysis of Patterns of NATO’s Visibility, Capability, Evaluation, and Local Resonance. Asian Security, 14 (1), 66-81. Routledge. Taylor and Francis. https://doi.org/10.1080/14799855.2017.1361734

Beltyukova, S., & Graham, K. (2017). Predictors of physician assistant faculty intention to stay in academia: A Rasch regression analysis. Journal of Physician Assistant Education, 28(1), 10-17.

Graham, K., & Beltyukova, S. (2015). Development and initial validation of a measure of intention to stay in academia for physician assistant faculty. Journal of Physician Assistant Education, 26(1), 10-18. (2015 Article of the Year Award)

Zaporozhets, O., Fox, C., Beltyukova, S., Laux, J., Piazza, N., Salyers, K.  (2015). Refining Change Measure with the Rasch Model. Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development, 48(1), 59-74.

Beltyukova, S. (2015). Rasch regression. Chapter contribution. Bond, T. G., & Fox, C. M.  Applying the Rasch model. Fundamental measurement in the human sciences. (3rd ed.). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Chaban, N., & Beltyukova, S. (2014). Rasch Analysis of the General Public’s Perceptions of the EU: A Case-Study of Ten Asia-Pacific Countries. In N. Chaban, M. Holland (Eds.), Communicating Europe in times of crisis. External perceptions of the European Union (pp. 143-172). New York: Palgrave Macmillan. 

Peeters, M. J., Beltyukova, S. A., & Martin, B. A.(2013).  Improving rigor of scholarship of teaching & learning: a primer on educational testing and validity of conclusions. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 77(10).

Koskey, K. L. K., Sondergeld, T. A., Beltyukova, S. A., & Fox, C. M. (2013). An experimental study using Rasch analysis to compare absolute magnitude estimation and categorical rating scaling as applied in survey research. Journal of Applied Measurement, 14(3), 262-281.

Sondergeld, T. A., Beltyukova, S. A., Fox, C. M., & Stone, G. E. (2012). Using Microanalytical Simulation Methods in Educational Evaluation: An Exploratory Study. Mid-Western Educational Researcher, 25(1/2), 1-32.
Peeters, M. J., & Beltyukova, S. (2009). Measuring professionalism in resident physicians. JAMA, 301(7), 723.
Beltyukova, S., Stone, G., & Fox, C. (2008). Magnitude estimation and categorical rating scaling in social sciences: A theoretical and psychometric controversy. Journal of Applied Measurement, 9(2), 151-159.
Beltyukova, S., Stone, G. & Ellis. L. (2008). Rasch Analysis of Word Identification and Magnitude Estimation Scaling Responses in Measuring Naïve Listeners’ Judgments of Speech Intelligibility of Children with Severe-to-Profound Hearing Impairments. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 51(5), 1124-1137.
Elliott, R., Fox, C. M., Beltyukova, S. A., Stone, G., E., Gunderson, J., & Zhang, X. (2006). Deconstructing therapy outcome measurement with Rasch analysis of a measure of clinical distress: The SLC-90-R. Psychological Assessment, 18(4), 359-372.
Beltyukova, S., Fox, C., & Stone G. (2004). Equating Student Satisfaction Measures. Journal of Applied Measurement, 5(1), 62-69.
Beltyukova, S., & Fox, C. (2002). Student satisfaction as a measure of student development: Towards a universal metric. Journal of College Student Development, 43, 161 – 172.
Beltyukova, S., Cipriani, D., Yan, S., Ughrin, T., & Fox, C. (2001). Rasch regression predicts driving capability. Rasch Measurement Transactions, 15, 789-790.

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RESM 4100 - Educational Statistics
RESM 6/8320 - Research Design
RESM 6/8160 - Nonparametric Statistics
RESM 6/8130 - Multivariate Statistics

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