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Christine Fox is a Professor in Research and Measurement at the University of Toledo, where she teaches graduate courses in statistics, measurement, and survey design. Her research focuses on constructing meaningful measures in the social sciences, and she is best known for her co-authored book entitled "Applying the Rasch Model: Fundamental Measurement in the Human Sciences". which was recently published in its 3rd edition. Cited over 8000 times, this text has served to aid in developing statistically defensible and meaningful measure construction across a wide variety of disciplines. 

Educational Background

Ph.D. Educational Research and Measurement, 1994

         Kent State University 

M.A. Industrial-Organizational Research Psychology, 1987

        Cleveland State University

B.A. Philosophy and Psychology, 1987

        Miami University 

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Selected Publications

 Duckett TR, Hart JM†, Fox C, Norte GE:  (Accepted December 2020). Rationale for a Parsimonious Measure of Subjective Knee Function after ACL Reconstruction: A Rasch Analysis. Journal of Athletic Training.

Rose, J., Fox, C.M., Laux, J., Roseman, C., Tiamiyu, M. F, & O’Hara, C. (2020). Development and validation of a measure of the mental health professionals’ attitude towards people living with HIV/AIDS scale (MHP-PLHIV-AS). AIDS Care , 32(1), 10-18.

Chaban, N., Beltyukova, S., & Fox, C. M. (2018).  Communicating NATO in the Asia-Pacific Press: Comparative Analysis of Patterns of NATO’s Visibility, Capability, Evaluation, and Local Resonance. Asian Security, 14 (1), 66-81. Routledge. Taylor and Francis.

Bond, T. G, & Fox, C. M.  (2015). Applying the Rasch Model: Fundamental Measurement in the Human Sciences, 3rd edition. New York: Taylor and Francis. (first edition in 2001 and second edition in 2007).

Zaporozhets, O., Fox, C., Beltyukova, S., Laux, J., Piazza, N., Salyers, K.  (2015). Refining Change Measure with the Rasch Model. Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development, 48(1), 59-74.

Brockmyer, J. H., Fox, C. M., Curtiss, K.A., McBroom, E., Burkhart, K. M. , Pidruzny, J. N. (2009). The Development of the Game Engagement Questionnaire: A Measure of Levels of Engagement in Video Game-Playing.  Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. 45 (4), 624–634.

Funk, J. B., Fox, C. M., Chang, M., & Curtiss, K. (2008). The development of the childrens’ empathic attitudes questionnaire using classical and Rasch analyses. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 29 (3), 187-196.

Stone, G. E., Beltyukova, S., & Fox, C. M. (2008). Objective Standard Setting for Judge-Mediated Examinations. International Journal of Testing, 8(2), 180-196.

Beltyukova, S., Cipriani, D., Yan, S., Ughrin, T., & Fox, C. (2001). Rasch regression predicts driving capability. Rasch Measurement Transactions, 15, 789-790.

Beltyukova, S., Stone, G., & Fox, C. (2008). Magnitude estimation and categorical rating scaling in social sciences: A theoretical and psychometric controversy. Journal of Applied Measurement, 9(2), 151-159.

Elliott, R., Fox, C. M., Beltyukova, S. A., Stone, G., E., Gunderson, J., & Zhang, X. (2006). Deconstructing therapy outcome measurement with Rasch analysis of a measure of clinical distress: The SLC-90-R. Psychological Assessment, 18(4), 359-372.

Beltyukova, S., Fox, C., & Stone G. (2004). Equating Student Satisfaction Measures. Journal of Applied Measurement, 5(1), 62-69.

Beltyukova, S., & Fox, C. (2002). Student satisfaction as a measure of student development: Towards a universal metric. Journal of College Student Development, 43, 161 – 172.

Fox, C. M., & Jones, J. A. (1998) Uses of Rasch modeling in counseling psychology research.  Journal of Counseling Psychology, 45 (1), 1-16. 

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KINE 5110/7110 – Measurement and Statistics in Kinesiology

RESM 6120/8120 – Quantitative Methods II

RESM 6350/8350 – Methods of Survey Research

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Centers & Projects

Prof. Fox's expertise is in developing new methodologies and measures for high stakes decision-making. Key projects include:
1. Boeing Commercial Airplanes (2008-2014) – measure construction and predictive modeling of passenger experience on the 787 Dreamliner vs. other Boeing aircraft and Airbus competitors. Impact: Predictive visual maps of the 787 performance used for selling airplanes
2. CNA HealthPro (2012-2015) – measure development and prioritization algorithm to improve their assessment of risk in Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, and Hospitals
Impact: Focused assessment instrument to include only those meaningful items that differentiated high risk and low risk facilities – thus informing underwriting and improving loss ratio.
3. NATO (since 2013)- Emerging Security Challenges Division -measure development from media perceptions of NATO held by their Asia Pacific partners. Impact: Identified key themes and patterns to help raise global awareness of NATO worldwide.
4. HCR ManorCare (2010-2012) - measure refinement, prioritization algorithm, and development of automated reporting structure company-wide. Impact: Streamlined continuous improvement efforts company-wide (250+ Skilled Nursing Facilities)

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