Chemical Engineering

Undergraduate Course Listing

CHE1000 Orientation and Computing for Chemical Engineering - 3hrs (Fall 15 Syllabus)
Introduction to the UT campus, campus resources, the College of Engineering and the Department of Chemical Engineering. Includes an introduction to engineering computing and programming and basic chemical engineering calculations.

CHE1010 Professional Development - 1hr (Spring 16 Syllabus)
Social protocol and ethics in industry. Resume writing and interview skills are presented in preparation for the Co-op experience. Review of resource materials for technical and non-technical individual learning. Oral and written presentation techniques are emphasized.

CHE2010 Mass and Energy Balances - 3hrs (Spring 16 Syllabus)
Introduction to the principles and techniques used in chemical engineering. Basic concepts of mathematics, physics, and chemistry are applied to solving problems involving stoichiometry, material balances, and energy balances. Prerequisite: CHE 1000. Corequisite: MATH1850

CHE2110 Process Fluid Mechanics - 3hrs (Spring 16 Syllabus)
A comprehensive introduction to process fluid mechanics. Topics include: hydrostatics, characteristics of laminar and turbulent flow, mechanical energy balance, flow through packed beds and fluidization of solids, design of pumping systems and piping networks, and metering of fluids. Prerequisite: CHE2010

CHE2230 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I - 3hrs (Fall 15 Syllabus)
The principles of thermodynamics and their application to chemical engineering. Topics include states and properties of matter, the first and second law of thermodynamics, solution to energy balance problems, and thermo-chemical effects. Prerequisite: CHE2010

CHE2330 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II - 3hrs (Spring 16 Syllabus)
Topics include properties of fluid mixtures, phase equilibria, chemical equilibria, power generation, and refrigeration processes. Prerequisite: CHE2230

CHE3030 Separation Processes - 3hrs (Fall 15 SyllabusSpring 16 Syllabus)
An introduction to equilibrium-based separation processes. Topics include distillation, extraction, leaching, drying and membrane separations. Preliminary equipment design calculations. Prerequisite: CHE2330.

CHE3110 Process Heat Transfer - 2 hrs (Spring 16 Syllabus)
Fundamental equations of heat transfer. Fourier's law. Steady and unsteady thermal conduction. Heat transfer coefficients. Heat exchangers. Condensation and boiling. Forced and natural convection. Radiation, Kirchoff's law and view factors. Prerequisite: CHE2230 and Pre- or corequisite: CHEE2110

CHE3120 Mass Transfer - 3hrs (Fall 15 Syllabus)
Mass transfer and its application in chemical engineering separations. Diffusivity, mass transfer coefficients and Fick's Law. Applications in continuous and stagewise processes, including absorption, extraction, and distillation. Prerequisite: CHE2110, Pre- or corequisite: CHEE3030

CHE3300 Reactor Engineering and Design - 3hrs (Fall 15 Syllabus)
Fundamentals of chemical reaction engineering. Rate laws, kinetics, and mechanisms of homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions. Analysis of reaction rate data. Design of industrial reactors. Prerequisite: CHE 2230

CHE3400 Process Dynamics and Control - 3hrs (Fall 15 Syllabus)
An introduction to the design of control systems for chemical engineering problems. Process stability and controller design and selection. Application of LaPlace transforms, frequency response techniques, and simulation software for open-loop and closed-loop analysis. Prerequisites: CHE2110, CHE3300, MATH3860

CHE3940 Co-Op Work Experience - 1hr (Master Syllabus)
Approved co-op work experience. Course may be repeated.

CHE3950 Co-Op Work Experience - 1hr (Master Syllabus)
Approved co-op work experience beyond third required co-op experience. Course may be repeated.

CHE4410 New Separations - 3hrs (Fall 15 Syllabus)
Introduction to and analysis of separation techniques relevant to down-stream processing of bioreactor products. Topics include new extraction and adsorption methods, chromatography techniques, ultrafiltration, and electrokinetic methods such as electrophoresis and isoelectric focusing. Prerequisites: CHE3030, CHE3110, CHE3120

CHE4500 Chemical Engineering Laboratory I - 2 hrs (Fall 15 Syllabus)
An experimental study of the design and performance of selected chemical engineering process equipment. Analysis of data and presentation techniques are emphasized. Prerequisites: CHE2110, CHE3030, CHE3110

CHE4520 Chemical Process Economics and Design - 3hrs (Spring 16 Syllabus)
Chemical equipment and process design. Introduction to simulation and flow-sheeting techniques and software. Topics include plant safety and pollution prevention, market analysis, cost estimating, decision-making and cash flow analysis. Prerequisites: CHE2110, CHE2330, CHE3030, CHE3110

CHE4540 Chemical Process Simulation and Design - 3hrs (Fall 15 Syllabus)
Application of chemical engineering fundamentals and the use of process simulators in the synthesis of chemical processes. Use of cost factors and environmental considerations in process decisions. The solution of a comprehensive case study and the preparation and presentation of a formal report are required. Prerequisites: CHE3120, CHE3300, CHE4520

CHE4550 - Chemical Engineering Laboratory II - 2hrs (Fall 15 Syllabus)
An experimental study of the design and performance of chemical engineering process equipment, focusing on heat and mass transfer and process control. Design of experiments, analysis of data, and presentation techniques are emphasized. Prerequisites: CHE3120, CHE3300, CHE3400, CHE4500

CHEE4800 Polymer Science and Engineering - 3hrs (Fall 15 Syllabus)
Polymerization processes, characterization, structure and properties of polymers, processing and engineering applications of the major polymer types.

CHE4960 Senior Honors Thesis - 3hrs (Master Syllabus)
Independent research under the guidance of a faculty member, requiring an oral report and a written thesis upon completion of work.

CHE4980 Special Topics in Chemical Engineering - 1hr-4hrs (Master Syllabus)
Special topics of interest to chemical engineers - upper division

CHE4990 Independent Studies in Chemical Engineering - 1hr-4hrs (Master Syllabus)
Independent studies in chemical engineering - upper division

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