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entrepreneurial mindset (em)

The KEEN Entrepreneurial Mindset is not just about technical skills. The mastery of technical skills is only part of the equation for your success. Engineers find success and personal fulfillment when they couple their skills with a Mindset to create value for others as well as themselves.

Within this learning module, you will be introduced to the KEEN Entrepreneurial Mindset and a PDF of the book, "Talking to Humans" by Giff Constable. You will use these resources to submit responses to the writing prompts to complete the module. Your completion of the responses for this module will stimulate your thinking and will contribute to your future success.   

This material will deliver three outcomes to you:

  • First, you will come to learn what an ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET is, and why having one is useful. Other words to describe it are an ENGINEERING MINDSET or an INTRAPRENEURIAL MINDSET. 
  • Second, it will introduce you to the idea of LIFELONG LEARNING. By the end of the module, you will understand it’s importance. And you will find that the bedrock upon which it stands is CURIOSITY.
  • Third, it will introduce you to the KEEN program, one that will give you a foundation on which to build a successful and personally fulfilling career as an engineer. It too starts with CURIOSITY, and builds upon it with the concepts of CONNECTIONS and CREATING VALUE.

This learning module will require you to think about how what we are teaching you actually connects to YOU. How it is useful to you and how it applies to your future career as an engineer.

Please click the links below to complete the corresponding assignments.

And always Embrace Ethics, Social Responsibility, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion in all you do.

What is KEEN?

The College of Engineering is one of a select few partner institutions from the Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network, (KEEN). KEEN is dedicated to preparing undergraduate engineering students for success with the Entrepreneurial Mindset.

We teach students both how to be an entrepreneur and also how to bring entrepreneurially-minded learning and other essential skills to all they do in their careers.

Students in our programs are taught to be lifelong learners and obtain the professional skills they will need to use in their careers and personal lives post-graduation.  

Last Updated: 4/23/24