Integration of Technology into Chinese Heritage Classes

The content listed on this page is contained in this Google Classroom.
For direct access to the modules, the individual units are all linked below.

Module 1: Building a Mobile Classroom: G Suite for Education, Google Extensions & Add-Ons

The first module focuses on the free educational technologies that teachers can use to build mobile classrooms. Students access the online classroom anytime through G Suite for Education.

Module 2: Creating a Classroom e-Library

The second module provides the solutions for Chinese heritage schools and teachers on building classroom e-Library. It includes the steps for creating e-books by integrating language learner’s speaking, writing, listening and reading skills.

Module 3: Assessing Student's Learning & Collecting Data for DDI

The third module introduces a variety of online assessment tools for assessing students' language ability. Teachers identify online formative/summative assessment tools to meet the performance objectives.

Module 4: Creating & Collecting Student Learning: Performance e-Portfolios

The fourth module implements technology tools for creating and collecting student works for performance e-Portfolios. Meanwhile, teachers provide feedback and communicate with parents about students' learning based on the e-Portfolios.

Last Updated: 6/27/22