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DaZy Aphasia Centre

"Live Successfully with Aphasia"

The DaZy Centre is a place where those with aphasia and their family members and others can share therapy, information and experiences related to their condition. It has become the mission of the DaZy Centre to empower, enhance and enrich the lives of those with aphasia and to help them to rediscover a new life....one with aphasia. The Centre is located on The University of Toledo's main campus in the Health and Human Services Building, Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic.

What exactly is Aphasia?

For more information on the DaZy Aphasia Centre contact:

Adrienne Lange
Clinical Program Supervisor

In addition, you may contact The University of Toledo Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic directly at 419-530-4339.
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Aphasia Resources:

National Aphasia Center Informational Brochure

Support Groups/Websites

Last Updated: 6/27/22