Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute

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If you are requesting a human trafficking 101 presentation, please contact the Lucas County Human Trafficking Coalition with a time, date, location and description of the event.

Be a part of the fight against injustice! With your help, we will continue raising awareness to empower the vulnerable, keep people from falling prey, and increase the speed at which victims are identified. We will improve the responses to victims by systems with the goal of creating a seamless delivery of care, and we will continue the essential research and informing the professional community.

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Scroll to the bottom of the page and search for "Human Trafficking Progress Fund"

Host a benefit on behalf of the Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute. Involve your friends, family, workplace, church/religious group, fraternity/sorority, or any other service organization. Anyone can join the fight again injustice! Contact the Institute at for more information.

Intern with the Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute
The Institute trains both undergraduate and graduate level student interns. Positions include: Summer or Fall and Spring. Interested candidates should email for more information.

Last Updated: 3/24/23