Banner 9 Updates

Periodically we have to update our Banner applications. These updates can be to add new features, fix bugs, or address regulatory issues, among other things. Below you will find information on pending updates, future updates, and major changes to functionality.

Pending Updates

April 26th 2020- Completed

update information

Banner updates will be applied Sunday, April 26, 2020. The updates will be applied between 8:00 and 10:00 AM. Banner systems will be down during this time. The updates will include updates to:

  • Admin Pages
  • Student Self Service
  • Student Registration
  • Various Administrative modules.

notable changes

This update does include a change to the Admin Pages interface. The Application Navigator Updates document explains all of these changes.

PLEASE NOTE, as of this update Internet Explorer is NOT supported for use with Admin Pages. Please use Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. 


Future Updates

While it is likely we will do another round of updates over the summer, nothing is scheduled at this time.


Update frequency

Ellucian releases update four times a year. Generally, we try to stay one set of updates behind to avoid any issues or bugs with a new release. In addition to these quarterly releases, periodically there are emergency bug fixes or regulatory releases. Those releases are evaluated upon release and applied as appropriate.



If you have questions, need information, or need assistance please visit Select Software/Enterprise/Banner to properly route your ticket.







Last Updated: 6/27/22