Faculty and Staff

University Computer Software

University Computer Software is for installation of software on University owned devices.  Visit the software center to view the available software applications.  You can do this by either clicking the Software Center desktop icon, or typing software center on your desktop search bar.  If you do not see an application in the list, please submit a help desk ticket with your request.

Personal Device Software

Please see the table below for the available software list for personal devices.  For each column, the first row is the software type and the second row is a clickable URL.  All rows following row two, contain the listings of the software available.  Software that has a "($)" after it is available for a discounted cost for UT Active Employees.  Note: On mobile devices, this table is better viewed with a landscape/horizontal view.


Office 365


Third Party

https:\\ https:\\ https:\\ https:\\
Adobe Acrobat ($) Excel AntiVirus Info Windows 10 ($)
Adobe Creative Suite ($) One Drive Dragon Medical One Mind Manager ($)
  Outlook Eduroam Connector Norton 360 ($)
  PowerPoint EndNote Office 2019 (Mac/PC) ($)
  Word Jabber* Parallels ($)
  (and More) Rockets Email iOS Sticky Password ($)
    SAS (And More) ($)
     * = Must request an account at https:\\  
Last Updated: 6/27/22