Hardware Recommendations

Chromebooks, Android devices, and iPads are NOT recommended for students to use as their primary device.  Certain programs for classes (testing software, plug-ins, etc.) will not work on these devices.  We strongly recommend that you buy or bring a Windows PC (Windows 10) or Apple Mac device (Mac OS 10.14 or higher) to be used for school.

Description Specifications
Processor Intel Core i5 or i7 (Intel i5 processors are preferred)
Memory 8GB RAM or more (8GB is preferred)
Hard Drive 256 GB or more (256 GB or higher SSD drives are preferred)
Wireless Card (laptops) Wireless cards 802.11 ac or ax (Intel cards are preferred)
Operating System Windows 10, or Mac OS 10.12 or higher
Software Packages Microsoft Office 365, Office 2019, Microsoft Office for Mac 365, or 2019, and Open Office
Anti-virus Software Microsoft Windows Defender, (already installed with Windows 10) McAfee, Norton, or AVG
Web Browsers Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer (PC only) or Safari (Apple only)
Anti-Spyware/Anti-Adware  Malwarebytes or Super Anti-Spyware
Other Programs Adobe Reader and VLC Media Player
Warranty 3 years or more
Accessories Flash Drive, Jump Drive 8 GB or higher, cable lock, laptop carrying bag, network cable
Last Updated: 5/14/20