Outlook on the Web Guides


      1. Go to
      2. Click on the Outlook icon.
      3. Click New > Email Message.

        New Email button Image

      4. Enter the email recipient or click the TO button to select from the address book. Compose your email, attach files by dragging and dropping onto the message box. Click Send

Send Email Picture


  1. Select Settings Settings > Mail > Layout > Email signature.
  2. Type the signature you would like to have on your emails.
  3. Select Automatically include my signature on messages I compose.
  4. Select Save.

Screenshot of signature screen.


Printable Instructions (PDF)

iOS Configuration

Installing Outlook
  • To setup your Office 365 account on a new iOS device, navigate to the App Store.
  • Search for Outlook and download. Ensure it is from Microsoft.
Adding an Account
  • Open "Outlook" app and it will prompt you to "Add Account" if one is not currently setup.
  • At the "Add Account" screen
    • Students: type in your email address like usual. Enter your For example: ""
    • Faculty and Staff use instead of your email alias of ""

      Add Account Pic
  • Click "Add Account" after typing in the appropriate email address. It will redirect to a page with a "University of Toledo" heading.
    Fed Services Page
  • Erase the auto-filled email address and login like you would on or a UT workstation which will be your UTAD username and password.
  • Once everything is confirmed, click "Sign in".

Android Configuration

Installing Outlook
  • Go to the Android Play Store and search for the Microsoft Outlook app. Install the app and wait for it to install. It may take a minute to install after downloading. Ensure the author is Microsoft
Adding an Account
  • From the Applications menu, select the Outlook app. Tap on the Get Started button to begin.
    At the "Add Account" screen, type in your email like usual, but include Do not type in your email

    addAccount Image
  • Click "Continue" after typing in the appropriate email address. It will redirect to a page with a "University of Toledo" heading.
    FED Services Login
  • Erase the auto-filled email address and log in like you would Put your UTAD username and password once the University of Toledo section appears. Once everything is confirmed, "Sign In".


  1. Select New > Calendar event. Enter the details, location, start time and end time. 
  2. If this is a meeting, add the names or email addresses of the people you want to invite. Select Select to open Schedule Assistant Pane in Outlook on the web.Scheduling assistant to see everyone’s free/busy times (Exchange users). 
  3. Select Skype logoAdd Skype meeting if you want people to be able to call in. 
  4. To make this a recurring meeting, select the Repeat box, and choose how often. 
  5. Select Send.
Calendar event


  1. Select New > Email message. 
  2. Select Attach
  3. Choose which files to share and select Next. 
  4. Select Share as a OneDrive link. 
  5. To share a file on your C: drive:

Select Upload and share as a OneDrive linkto upload the file to OneDrive and share the link.

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Last Updated: 8/29/19