Below are links to forms and documents for requests, accounts, or services.



Banner Human Resources - Request access to Banner HR forms and information.
Banner ODS - Request access to categories of data within the Banner Operational Data Store (ODS).
Banner Student - Request access to Banner Student related information.
Banner and Lawson Finance - Request access to Banner and Lawson Finance information and e-requisition access.
Cisco Jabber - Request the ability to use the Cisco Jabber Softphone features.
Intune - End-User enrollment guide.
Microsoft Teams - Request a new Team for a department, project, class, or student group.
VPN Access - Request access for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) account.
WebEx Account - Request account to host WebEx meetings.
Web Report Library - Request access for Web Report Library (WRL).


Oracle Client Instructions for Windows - Installing Oracle client database files on your computer.
Oracle SQL Developer Instructions - Installing free Oracle SQL Developer.
SQL Server Client Instructions - Loading client files for querying SQL Server data.  (also know as data warehouse)


DTAS Application Hardware Assessment - Hardware required for new systems or system upgrades.  This is required in advance before purchase and implementation planning.
Project Power BI Report Guidelines - Guidelines for development of reports intended fro the production project management folder in the Power BI environment.
Report Specifications - Used to help specify requirements for a new report.
Web Report Move Request - Request a report to be moved to a production web report library folder.

Last Updated: 12/8/22