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Webex Conferencing System and Softphone

The UToledo Webex Conferencing System is an enterprise solution that combines hardware, software, and cloud services to facilitate audio, video, chat, and screen sharing capabilities.  This includes the use of advanced room video endpoints and provides a high level of individual participant support for desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

One of the benefits of videoconferencing is the ability for both ends of the conference to see and hear each other. This gives the participants the feeling that they are meeting face to face.  Video conferencing saves time by allowing meeting participants to eliminate travel between another campus or site. 

Your scheduled meetings can vary from:

  • An Audio Bridge for multiparty telephone conference
  • A Point-to-Point conference linking two meeting rooms
  • A Virtual Meeting Room linking users via desktops and mobile devices
  • A Multi-Point conference linking multiple sites end-points
  • Any combination of the above

Scheduling a video conferencing meeting utilizing the University's Webex system can be done through the University's Webex site or by using Microsoft Outlook with the Webex plug-in located in the UT Software Center.

UT Webex Site

Cisco Softphone

Webex (Jabber replacement) can now be utilized as a robust softphone client that can be installed on computers or your mobile device.  This includes support for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.  

If installing on a UT-owned/managed Windows or Mac workstation, please see the installation links above.

If installing on a UT-managed Windows or Mac device.  Downloads for all other platforms are available using the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or directly from Cisco’s website. 

If you intend to use a mobile device,  please complete the form below.  This does not need to occur for Windows or Mac computers.
Webex Softphone Request for Cell Phones


Last Updated: 7/15/24