New Pager Request
If you are requesting new pager service, you can submit the request by clicking on the link above.  You may also call the help desk, and they can submit a pager request on your behalf.  We will notify you when your new pager is ready to be picked up.

Convenient exchange or replacement pagers

If you need to exchange or replace your pager, you can visit the Pager Exchange Station located in Dowling Hall, Room 0010B.  The instructions are posted.

For user guides and more
American Messaging

Pager available for lease
  • $3.95 monthly
  • 4 lines x 20 alpha character display
  • up to 16 saved messages
  • lighted display
  • multiple alert options
  • Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana coverage

  • Contact with any pager questions you may have.

    Last Updated: 6/27/22