Frequently Asked Questions

Cisco Unified Communications Telephone Migration

The University of Toledo is upgrading the entire telephone system with Cisco products.  Every existing old telephone will be replaced with a new Cisco 8841 telephone at no extra cost to the department.  An $8/monthly line charge will be assessed for every new Cisco phone and $0.04/call for local usage and $0.04/minute for long distance usage.  Calls to 383-XXXX and 530-XXXX numbers are not charged.  Please see the chart below for a comparison of the old charges.  If a different model of Cisco telephone is required (anything other than an 8841), the cost will need to be covered by the department.

For more information about prices, please go to Unified Communications and click on “Line Charges” located at the top of the page.  The UT Telecommunications department is working with CDW to implement this project. The CDW engineers will be given department contacts so walk-through can be scheduled. The purpose of the walk-through is to verify the location of telephones and if a department has any unwanted or unused telephone numbers, they can be marked for deletion.  When a telephone number is deleted, the monthly billing charges for that telephone number will stop. Please see below for cost comparison:

Cisco Monthly Line charges:
Cisco phone (any model) = $10 / month

Cisco Usage fees:
Internal 383-XXXX and 530-XXXX calls = No Charge
Local call rate = $0.04 / per call
Long Distance rate = $0.04 / per minute

Former Usage fees:
Local call rate = $0.08 / per call
Long Distance rate = $0.06 / per minute

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find documentation on how to use my new Cisco phone?
A: A downloadable PDF detailing the telephoneʼs buttons and features is available on the Unified Communications webpage.

Q: How do I retrieve voicemails from my new Cisco phone?
A: Press the “cassette tape” button to the left of the “1” or dial 530-6600, then follow the prompts.

Q: How do I dial numbers outside of the University on my new Cisco phone?
A: Dial 9 followed by the area code. (i.e. 9-1-734-555-0201)

Q: Why do I see a +1 for incoming calls on my new Cisco phone?
A: We have adopted the global standard (e.164) format for telephone numbers and extensions.

Q: How do I call another UT employee from my new Cisco phone?
A: Dial the last 7 digits of that personʼs phone number (i.e. 530-9999 or 383-9999).  There is also a corporate directory built into the telephones. (press the phone book button to the left of the “4” and then select Corporate Directory)

Q: Once I have my new Cisco phone, what happens if I move to a different office within my department?
A: Simply move the Cisco telephone and computer together to the new space.

Q: How much do the new phones cost per month?
A: $8/month + $0.04/call for local usage and $0.04/minute for long distance.

Last Updated: 8/22/22