Legal Alternatives to Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

There are legal alternatives to peer-to-peer file sharing.  Here is a list of some alternative resources for music and media:


Pandora  (
An Internet radio and music recommendation service.  The Music Genome Project® is used to find music with similar musical characteristics to artists or songs that you select.

Musicovery  (
A music discovery website that lets you find music based on mood, genre, and timeframe.  (
An Internet radio and music site that includes a music recommendation systems that learns what you like.

SHOUTcast  (
A collection of online radio stations.

Slacker  (
An Internet Radio website that lets you create your own stations.

Live365  (
An Internet radio network where you can search for stations that play a particular song or artist; or you can create your own radio station.

Other legal online music sources:
The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) provides a list popular legal online music sources on their website.  Click here to view their list.

Other Media:

Hulu  (
An online video service that offers hit TV shows, movies and clips for free.  Content includes a large selection of videos from more than 130 content providers, including FOX, NBC Universal, MGM, Sony Pictures Television, Warner Bros. and more.

Last Updated: 6/27/22