Malware is software, a computer program used to perform malicious actions. In fact, the term malware is a combination of the words malicious and software.  Cyber criminals install malware on your computers or devices to gain control over them or gain access to what they contain. Once installed, these attackers can use malware to spy on your online activities, steal your passwords and files, or use your system to attack others. Malware can even deny access to your own files, demanding that you pay the attacker a ransom to regain control of them.

Know the signs that your computer has been infected.  Slow performance, random error messages, increased number of pop-ups, or an unexpected change in your browser's homepage.

Do not open or execute unexpected attachments.  A virus cannot inflict damage unless you open or execute the file.  A virus can send out a message without the user knowing about it. 

Last Updated: 6/27/22