This information was sent via email to the University of Toledo faculty and staff groups on September 23, 2020.

IT Security has received recent reports of a new phishing attempt directed toward the University of Toledo community.  

The email message may start out by saying, "You have a message from the HR Department.  Click here to view your message." 

    • Be mindful of any email requesting you to click on a link.
    • Be suspicious of communications with urgent requests from executives. 
    • Review the sending email address closely.
    • Be suspicious of telephone numbers that do not have an area code of 419.
    • Hover over the link to see if it is a address. 
    • Check with the sender by phone or in person.  Or send a separate email to follow up.
    • Do not reply to the request itself.

Emails are sent to individuals that request the receiver to click on a link.  The email received is a spoofed email from a person in authority requesting that you click on the link to view your message.

Please report any fraudulent or phishing emails to  You can also visit for the latest email scams.

Last Updated: 6/27/22