Security Tips

A few handy tips to help keep you safe online
  • If you receive an email and you do not know the sender, do not click on hyperlinks inside the email or open any files attached to the message.
  • Be wary of links to websites you do not recognize, or links with mismatching link URL and descriptive test.
  • Enroll in UT's 2-step authentication service to help protect sensitive employee MyUT pages from unauthorized access.
  • Maintain control of your account by keeping your contact information up to date on the MyUT portal and on the myutaccount websites.  2-step Authentication Instructions
  • To report a suspicious e-mail, use the "Phishing/Spam" button in Microsoft Outlook or forward the suspicious message to (from any mail-enabled device).
  • Avoid strangers, check name and email address.
  • Don't rush, be suspicious of emails marked "urgent".
  • Notice mistakes in spelling and grammar.
  • Beware of generic greetings, "dear sir/ma'am".
  • Don't be lured by incredible "deals".
  • Hover over the link before you click to ensure it has a secure URL (https://).
  • Never give out personal or financial information based on an email request.
  • Don't trust links or attachments in unsolicited emails.
  • If you believe your computer has been infected by a virus, or if you have other important account or system security questions, contact the IT Help Desk:  Telephone: 419.530.2400 (MC) or 419.383.2400 (HSC).  E-mail:  
Last Updated: 6/27/22