College of Law

University of Toledo Dept. of Internal Audit and Institutional Compliance

Name and Location of Externship University of Toledo Department of Internal Audit and Institutional Compliance
Field Supervisor David Cutri
Prerequisites  Upper level continuing student, background or interest in medicine and life sciences, nursing, pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, health science, law, or business and innovation.  Must be well organized.  Training and presentation experience preferred.
Credit Hours 2-4 Fall and Spring; 2-6 Summer
Minimum Hours Required  
Semesters Available Any
Type of Work Student Will Perform Student will work in areas related to HIPPA review, Stark Law, and other healthcare compliance areas.  This position will also assist with related employee and student training. 
Type of Placement Available PSEC

Key for Type of Placement Available:

 PSEC = Public Service Externship Clinic
 V   =    Volunteer
 FWS =  Federal Work Study
 F/S  =  Fellowship/Stipend

Last Updated: 7/7/23