College of Law

University of Toledo Sponsored Research: Contracts Compliance

Name and Location of Externship University of Toledo Sponsored Research: Contracts Compliance 
Field Supervisor Anne M. Izzi 
Credit Hours 2-4 Fall and Spring; 2-6 Summer 
Minimum Hours Required 10 – 20 hours/week 
Semesters Available Any 
Type of Work Student Will Perform Review of Non-Disclosure Agreements --Non-disclosure of confidential information requires our statement of Public Records law. Indemnification, Public institutions cannot offer indemnity. Ownership of IP, Choice of governing law, Attached general terms and conditions, which may include FAR and DFAR clauses leading to the need for Export Control, Assembly of Federal Demonstration Partnership subaward template attachments for outgoing agreements. Will gain an understanding of Ohio law and specific clauses that state-owned institutions are permitted/not permitted to agree to. Will review UT policy to ensure that contracts comply with those policies where applicable. 
Type of Placement Available PSEC

Key for Type of Placement Available:

 PSEC = Public Service Externship Clinic
 V   =    Volunteer
 FWS =  Federal Work Study
 F/S  =  Fellowship/Stipend

Last Updated: 7/7/23