College of Law

Air Force Legal Office

Name and Location of Externship Air Force Legal Office (Vienna, Ohio) 
Field Supervisor Major Ernest Calderon, USAF  330.609.1831 
Prerequisites Labor law, environmental law, government contract law, military justice (criminal law), administrative law, and general civil law (evaluation of Air Force Instruction, Department of Defense Instructions, Joint Ethics Regulations, Federal Joint Travel Regulations, Privacy Act)
Credit Hours 2-4 fall and spring; 2-6 summer 
Minimum Hours Required  
Semesters Available Any 
Type of Work Student Will Perform Variety of Work – Any issue that requires review 
Type of Placement Available PSEC

Key for Type of Placement Available:

 PSEC = Public Service Externship Clinic
 V   =    Volunteer
 FWS =  Federal Work Study
 F/S  =  Fellowship/Stipend

Last Updated: 7/7/23