College of Law

Civil Advocacy Clinic

Tips on Getting Started

1. Schedule an Initial Interview

  • Confirm availability of instructor
  • Prepare and route a calendar memo
  • Send a confirming letter to the client

2. Prepare for Initial Interview

  • Review referral sheet
  • Review client file, if there is one
  • Review relevant substantive law

3. Gather and Review Interview Material

  • Interview sheet
  • Client consent form
  • Release form
  • d. Applicable court schedules (for divorce cases)

4. Conduct Initial Interview

  • Obtain relevant facts and information
  • Obtain copies of all relevant documents
  • Identify client goals and objectives
  • Obtain consent and release forms

5. Complete Post-Interview Paperwork

  • Prepare a thorough case summary
  • Open a file (place all information in office administrator=s basket)
  • Prepare a conflict sheet for clearance at next class or case conference
  • Docket all relevant dates and deadlines

6. Conduct Preliminary Research and Investigation

  • Identify all legal issues
  • Identify all procedural issues
  • Investigate relevant facts
    • Review court files
    • Review other public records
    • Interview potential witnesses

7. Develop a Proposed Action Plan


Last Updated: 7/3/19