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Bar Review Courses

It is strongly recommended that students take a commercial bar review course as part of their preparation for the bar examination. The University of Toledo College of Law does not endorse any bar review course. Several companies offer comprehensive bar review courses that cover both the multistate and state specific topics. There are also companies that offer bar review course materials by test section or topic.

The lists below were prepared for information gathering purposes only and other companies may provide relevant courses. Course options, prices, and availability may vary by state. Please review the information on individual company web sites for more details.  

All students are strongly encouraged to register for a three-day and/or six-day multi-state bar review course, in addition to a comprehensive bar review course.    

Toledo Law has entered into a contract with BARBRI, a leading provider of bar preparation services. All Toledo Law students entering in 2018 or thereafter will be provided a full BARBRI Bar Review, available for all 50 states, after payment of the bar prep fee for the first five semesters enrolled. 

Complete courses typically purchased by Toledo Law students include:


Kaplan Bar Review



Other courses:



Supreme Bar Review


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Last Updated: 6/27/22