College of Law

Employment Summary Reports

Our graduates work in the private and public sectors, in positions in law firms, business, academia, the state and federal judiciary, government and public interest. Individuals pursue law degrees for reasons as diverse and unique as the individual seeking the degree. While a majority of our graduates choose to practice as attorneys, others elect to use the legal knowledge and skills they acquired at Toledo Law in professional roles outside the legal field.

Employment information, as reported to the American Bar Association, is below. For the classes prior to 2014, the "employed by" date was nine months following graduation.  Pursuant to a change in ABA reporting requirements, the information for subsequent classes reflects an "employed by" date of ten months following graduation.

Employment Summary for 2018 Graduates

Employment Summary for 2017 Graduates

Employment Summary for 2016 Graduates

Employment Summary for 2015 Graduates



Last Updated: 7/11/19