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Legal Writing Samples

Your writing sample should be the best error-free piece of appropriate writing that you can provide.



  • Do not send a writing sample until it is requested by the employer.
  • Do take a short legal writing sample to every interview.
  • A writing sample should generally be between 7-10 pages unless otherwise requested.
  • It is acceptable to submit an excerpt from a longer document so long as you provide a frame of reference for the reader on a cover page.
  • Most 1L students use a document prepared for their legal research and writing class (Research Memorandum, Trial Brief, portion of Appellate Brief).
  • Upper-level students tend to use an excerpt from Law Review, Moot Court, or a document drafted through the course of legal employment or an externship experience. 
  • If you use a document prepared in the course of employment or an externship, be sure to get the permission of the employer to use it and change names/delete any client identification references to preserve confidentiality.
  • You should provide a cover page with your writing sample using the header from your resume as the header for the cover page. Examples of writing sample cover pages follow.


Excerpt Example

Excert Example


Example Where Supplying Complete Original

Example Where Supplying Complete Original

Last Updated: 6/27/22