College of Law

Highest Ranking Students

Congratulations to the following highest ranking students. Please Note: If you have a privacy restriction on your record, your name will not appear on the following list.

spring 2019

  • Advanced Legal Research (Goheen): Bridget Beattie-Smith
  • Business Associations (Barrett): Brandon Leal
  • Civil Advocacy Clinic (Salem): Zachary DeSilvis
  • Civil Procedure-Jurisdiction (Kilbert): Elizabeth Seedorf
  • Civil Procedure-Pleading and Practice (Lammon): Amelia Wolf
  • Commercial Paper (Davis): Megan Ward
  • Constitutional Law-Rights (Zietlow): Caitlin Foley
  • Constitutional Law-Structure - 001 (Knouse): Madison Kenney
  • Constitutional Law-Structure - 002 (Knouse): Rebecca Wise
  • Constitutional Law-Structure - 003 (Zietlow): Maria McCabe
  • Contracts I (Porter): Meredith Shank
  • Contracts II (Chaffee): Riley Elliott
  • Criminal Law - 001 (Gilchrist): Damon Williams
  • Criminal Law - 002 (Exum): Holly Dye
  • Criminal Procedure-Adjudications (Gilchrist): Joshua Arter
  • Criminal Procedure-Investigations (Exum): Amanda Westfall
  • Estate Planning (Ross): Cam Stanley
  • Evidence (Slater): Claire Lucas
  • Higher Education Law (Porter): Tessa Bayly
  • Immigration Law (Mollo): Thomas Kirkham
  • International Business Transactions (Barrett): Thomas Kirkham
  • Juvenile Law (Parish): Eli Boldt
  • Lawyering Skills I (Byrnes): Amelia Wolf
  • Lawyering Skills II – 002 (Preston): Matthew Markley
  • Lawyering Skills II – 003 (O'Connell): Jakob Wenman
  • Lawyering Skills II – 004 (Cahoon): Maria McCabe
  • Lawyering Skills II – 005 (Preston): Mark Petiya
  • Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility (Gibbons): Charles Hatch
  • Natural Resources Law (Kilbert): Benjamin Noll
  • Property-Transactions and Land Use (Barros): Shelby Miller
  • Public Sector Labor Law Seminar (Slater): Genavieve Hilgenbrink
  • Secured Transactions (Gibbons): Atef Khalaf
  • Sex Crimes and the Cours Seminar (Goetting): Dana Koerner
  • Sports Law (Parish): James Duranczyk
  • Tax Controversy Clinic (Bourell): James Grandowicz
  • Trial Practice (Duhart): Walter Starghill
  • Truck and Auto Collisions Seminar (Leizerman): Andrew Fortlage
  • Trusts and Estates (Chaffee): Amanda Westfall
Last Updated: 7/12/19