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Public Interest & Service

Our students seek to do good with the knowledge and experience they gain at Toledo Law. And the opportunities for service and public interest work while in law school are many — students serve our region and the local community in our clinics, externships, and during Student Bar Association Pro Bono Committee activities, to name just a few examples.

Public Service Commendation Program

In January 2007, Toledo Law launched the Public Service Commendation Program to recognize and encourage student pro bono engagement in our community and region.

You may earn a Public Service Commendation for each academic term in which you perform 30 or more documented hours of unpaid, law-related, public service work as approved by the college's public service coordinator. Since its inception, program students have donated over 27,000 hours of service.

Our Office of Professional Development helps you find volunteer opportunities with public service agencies and other non-profit organizations engaged in pro bono work. In addition, you are welcome to secure a placement with other agencies or organizations in the region or across the country, so long as you will be directly supervised by a licensed attorney.

Public Interest Summer Fellowships

Each year, students are awarded public interest summer fellowships by the college. Award amounts vary depending on the funding available. In the past, awards have ranged from $500 - $4,000.

Public interest positions eligible for fellowship funds include a position with a non-profit organization that serves underrepresented clients, groups, and interests or a government entity.

Federal Work-Study

In addition, federal work-study funds are available to assist students who pursue public interest positions. Students interested in the federal work-study program should contact Tara Thompson, assistant director of financial aid, for more information and to determine your eligibility.

Office of Professional Development

Last Updated: 6/27/22