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Federal Work-Study Overview

The Federal Work-Study Program provides funds for employment to help students finance the cost of their education. Federal work-study funds are limited. All awards are subject to (1) availability of funding, (2) student need as demonstrated by the FAFSA, and (3) the applicant securing qualifying employment with The University of Toledo or a qualifying government agency or non-profit (public interest) organization.

Accepting work-study may reduce federal student loan eligibility. Students who participate in the Federal Work-Study program must complete appropriate payroll paperwork and will receive bi-weekly paychecks. For more details, contact

Work-Study Procedures

Apply for work-study

  • Step 1: Complete your 2024-25 FAFSA. The University of Toledo school code is 003131.
  • Step 2: Secure a work-study eligible position with the University of Toledo or a qualifying non-profit organization or government agency.
  • Step 3: Submit a work-study application. If you are selected for work-study, you will receive an award notification via your UToledo email and on the myUT portal.
  • Step 4: Accept your work-study award on the myUT portal.

Confirm Work-Study with Employer

  • Step 1: Obtain a signed off-campus agreement from your employer if directed by the Office of Professional Development.
  • Step 2: Complete your work-study contract with your employer and return it to the Office of Professional Development. You will receive the contract from the UToledo Office of Student Financial Aid. View the sample contract for instructions on how to complete the work-study contract.

Complete Required Employment Documents.

During Work-Study

You MUST NOT work until you have received confirmation that you are on payroll. You must monitor the hours that you work. Do not exceed your maximum allowed hours each week or total FWS award for each term.

You are responsible for submitting your time electronically through myUT by the end of the day on the last day of the pay period. Once you input your time, we require that you print a confirmation sheet, have your supervisor sign it, and fax 419.530.7922 or e-mail the signed confirmation to the Office of Professional Development so that the work being completed may be verified. If you fail to complete this process by the end of the day on the last day of the pay period, your timecard will not be processed for that pay period and you will not be paid.

If you suspect that you are not going to make satisfactory academic progress, do not begin working until grades are posted.

Students who do NOT enroll half-time (6 credits) for summer classes MUST enroll at least half-time (6 credits) for the fall semester to qualify for summer work-study funds for an approved community service/public interest position. If you plan to transfer, do not work. If you plan to work for a faculty member or elsewhere on campus, you must be enrolled half-time (6 credits) for summer.

You will be required to complete an employer evaluation at the end of your summer experience. The employer will complete an evaluation of your performance at the end of your service.

If you change positions or wish to extend your work-study beyond your initial request, contact


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Last Updated: 4/8/24