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We have more than 8,000 alumni living across the U.S. and around the world. Alumni have achieved success in law, government, business, non-profits, and many other fields. Our distinguished alumni network is eager to help our law students and graduates. No matter what you want to do or where you want to work, Toledo Law can help you get there.

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Victor Abdereen

Finding Inspiration in Trial Practice

Victor Aberdeen '18: Victor is an associate at a Chicago law firm, where he works in civil litigation and insurance defense. He credits a strong foundation in trial practice for helping him think like a trial attorney. As a member of the Black Men Lawyers' Association, he's actively engaged in projects that support the local community. Read Victor's Story

Gayle Shor Goldsmith

Dedicating Focus to Environment and Sustainability

Gayle Shor Goldsmith '89: Gayle is an environment and sustainability consultant in North Carolina. She has always been passionate about environmental justice, climate change, and sustainability. She's now combining her passion and experience to make a difference within the field of environmental law. Read Gayle's Story

Steven Vandercook

Launching Exciting Career with NASA

Steven Vandercook '14: Steven works as a contracting officer at NASA's Kennedy Space Center to support the next chapter in human space flight. His J.D./M.B.A. helped him land his dream job, where he sees the direct impact of his work on critical projects from ground operations to the International Space Station. Read Steven's Story

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The data collection phase of our Alumni Directory Project has come to an end. Thank you to those who provided updates to their contact information and any additional notes (such as practice area, favorite professors, organizational involvement) for the directory. The directories are still in the proofing stage, and we expect them to ship in October. In the meantime, PCI will begin working on any logo items you may have ordered. If you have any questions about the project or your purchase, please email

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Last Updated: 7/19/21