Department of Medicine: Biostatistics and Epidemiology

Sadik A. Khuder, D.D.S., M.P.H., P.h.D.

Sadik A. Khuder, DDS, MPH, PhDProfessor of Medicine, Statistics, and Public Health
College of Medicine and Life Sciences
The University of Toledo
3120 Glendale Ave
Toledo, Ohio 43614
Phone: (419) 383-4089


  • B.D.S.    General Dentistry, University of Baghdad, 1977
  • M.P.H.   Epidemiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1982
  • Ph.D.      Biostatistics, University of Alabama in Birmingham, 1992


  • 1989-1990      Statistical analyst, Dept. of Biostatistics and Dept. of Medicine, Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham
  • 1990-1992      Biostatistician, Dept. of Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • 1992-1993      Biostatistician, Cancer Center & Instructor, Dept. of Preventive Medicine and Community Health, University of Texas Medical Branch
  • 1994-1998      Assistant Professor, Dept. of Medicine, Medical College of Ohio.
  • 1997-1998      Assistant Professor, Dept. of Public Health, Medical College of Ohio
  • 1998-2003      Associate Professor, Dept. of Medicine and Dept. of Public Health, Medical College of Ohio
  • 2004-present   Professor, Dept. of Medicine & School of Population Health, University of Toledo.
  • 2005-present   Senior biostatistician, Jacobson Center for Clinical and Translational Research, University of Toledo Health Science Campus
  • 2014-present  Professor, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, College of Natural Sciences, and Mathematics, University of Toledo.


  • Richard Anderson Research Award / Southern Regional Council on Statistics 1992.
  • International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer / Grant for invited paper in the 9th World Conference on Lung Cancer - Japan, September 2000.
  • Dean’s Award for Advising Excellence 2019.



A. Current Teaching Assignment in the MPH program

PUBH 611 Categorical Data Analysis
Course Coordinator and 100% teaching effort
Fall semester – 2004-present
Number of students    10-15        

PUBH 613 Molecular Epidemiology
Course Coordinator and 100% teaching effort
Fall semester – 2005-present
Number of students    25-45        

PUBH 615 Clinical Epidemiology
Course Coordinator and 100% teaching effort
Spring semester – 2004-2007, 100% DL course (2008-present)
Number of students    30-45       

PUBH 606 Advanced Biostatistics
Course Coordinator and 100% teaching effort
Spring semester – 1998-present
Number of students    45-60        

PUBH 603 Advanced Epidemiology
Course Coordinator and 100% teaching effort
Summer semester – 1998-present
Number of students    45-60        

PUBH 679 Independent Study in Biostatistics
Every semester – 1996-present
Number of students    1-2 per semester

B. Current Teaching Assignment in the Bioinformatics program

BIPG 520  Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics
Course Coordinator and 100% teaching effort
Fall semester – 2003-present
Number of students    10-15        

BIPG 550 Microarray Analysis
Course Coordinator and 100% teaching effort
Summer semester (1 hour credit) – 2009-present
Number of students    5-10       

BIPG Advanced Programming in Bioinformatics
Course Coordinator and 60% teaching effort
Fall semester – 2021
Number of students    2       

BIPG6400 Application of Bioinformatics
Five lectures and labs for 30% teaching effort
Spring semester  – 2003-present
Number of students    10-15    

BRIM6200 Biomarker Discovery, Validation & Implementation
One lecture and lab for 5% teaching effort
Spring semester  – 2009-present
Number of students    10-15    

C. Current Teaching Assignment in the MSBS/PhD program

BSMP 532/732  Statistical Methods I
Course Coordinator and 100% teaching effort
Spring semester – 2001-present
Number of students    20-30     

BMSP6390 Mentored Research
Course Coordinator and 100% teaching effort
Fall / Spring semester – 2018-present
Number of students    1-4         

D. Current Teaching Assignment for Medical Students

Longitudinal Thread - Research  First year medical student
Four lecture for 15% teaching effort
Fall semester  – 2017-present
Number of students    170   

Reproductive System    Second year medical student
One lecture for 5% teaching effort
Fall semester  – 2018-present
Number of students    150   

Cardiovascular System    Second year medical student
One lecture for 5% teaching effort
Fall semester  – 2019-present
Number of students    150   

USMLE Step I  Review of Biostatistics    Second year medical student
Spring semester – 2018

E. Past Teaching Assignment
  • PUBH 600 Public Health Statistics  1996-2004
  • PUBH 601 Public Health Epidemiology 1996-2003
  • MEDI 532 Introductory Biostatistics    1995-2001
  • MEDI 605 Advanced Biostatistics        1995-2000
  • OCCH 602 Research Methods            1996-1997


  • Tammy Arthur, “Prevalence of infectious diseases and associated symptoms in wastewater treatment employees”,December 1997
  • Zachary Krabill, “The incidence of work-related injuries and illnesses in Ohio hospitals : a comparative study of the workers' compensation claims from 1993 to 1996”,  December 1997
  • Dan Helman, “Worker exposure to airborne chromium and its association with reported clinical symptomology”, December 1997
  • Linda King, “Reported occupational exposure to HIV : incidence and application of recent recommendations for post-exposure chemoprophylaxis (immune deficiency)”, June 1998
  • Michele Franketi, “Assessment of complete blood count variations associated with low-level benzene exposure”, June 1998
  • Steven Kinn, “The effectiveness of safety and health education/training within the plumbing and pipefitting industry of northwestern Ohio”, June 2000
  • Robert Koedam, “A comparison of the injuries and illnesses experienced by employees in the metal fabrication and nursing home industry in Philadelphia”, December 2001
  • Meenakshi Kaw, “Meta-analysis of agricultural risk factors for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 1”,  December 2001
  • Mahdi Jahangir-Blourchian, “Meta-analysis of agricultural risk factors for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 2”,  December 2001
  • Arif Peshmam, “Environmental risk factors for autoimmune diseases “,  December 2003


  • Eric Haynes, “Identifying common genes from rheumatoid arthrisis, systemic lupus, multiple sclerosis and Sjögren's Syndrome by pooling existing microarray data”, June 2013
  • Nicole Carr, “Data pooling to identify differentially expressed genes in lung cancer of nonsmokers”,  June 2016.
  • Oluwatobi Lasisi, “Potential genetic biomarkers for Sjogren’s syndrome”,  December 2019. 
  • Prabhjot Kaur, “Combining transcriptomic data for COPD”,  December 2019.
  • Ammar Eljack, “Potential genetic biomarkers for cardiomyopathy”, June 2020.
  • Joyeeta Dutta, “Identifying a biomarker for Systemic Sclerosis using existing genomic data”, June 2021.
  • Bhuwan Rai, “Data Pooling to Investigate the Abundance of Gut Microbiome Composition in Autoimmune Disease”, June 2021.
  • Alexander McCartney, “'Using Existing Omics Data to Identify Multiple Sclerosis Biomarkers',  June 2021.


  • Dan Cipriani. Application of the Rasch Measurement Model to examine the utility of medical diagnostic tests. Applied Measurement and Statistics (Christine  Fox, Chair), 2005
  • Suoto Akpanudo. Clinical Psychologists and Smoking Cessation: Treatment Practices and Perceptions. Health Education (James Price, Chair), June 2006
  • D’Anna Mullins, Transcriptional regulation of antioxidant and DNA repair transcript abundance in human bronchial epithelial cells Biomedical Sciences (James Willey , Chair), June 2007
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  • Joyce Balls. African American primary care physicians’ perceptions and practices regarding smoking cessation therapy.Health Education (James Price, Chair), June 2009
  • Michael Valigosky. Infection control perceptions and practices of spiritual care providers: An application of the protection motivation theory. Health Education (Debra Boardley, Chair), June 2009
  • Sam Shepard. The characterization and utilization of middle-range sequence patterns within the human genome. Bioinformatics (Alexei Fedorov, Chair),  June 2010
  • Ashwin Prakash. Evolution and function of compositional patterns in mammalian genomes. Bioinformatics (Alexei Fedorov, Chair),  June 2011
  • Jennifer Wohlwend. An examination of emergency contraception use by undergraduate college students in the Midwest using the integrated behavioral model.  Health Education (Tavis Glassman, Chair), June 2012
  • April Ames. Application of Geographic Information Systems to investigate the association of health symptoms near biosolid applied fields.  Geography (Kevin Czajkowski, chair)   June 2014
  • Shuhao Qiu. Computational simulation and analysis of uutations: nucleotide fixation, allelic age and rare genetic variations in population.  Bioinformatics (Alexei Fedorov, Chair), June 2015
  • Ying Nie. Positional Mapping for Blood Pressure Loci on Rat Chromosome 9. Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases (Bina Joe, Chair), June 2015
  • Xiaolu Zhang. Cis-acting genetic variants that alter ERCC5 regulation as a prototype to characterize cisregulation of key protective genes in normal bronchial epithelial cells.  (James C. Willey, Chair), June 2017
  • Rajib Dutta. 1000 human genomes carry widespread signatures of GC biased gene conversion.  Bioinformatics (Alexei Fedorov, Chair), June 2017.
  • Dulat Bekbolsynov. Medical Microbiology and Immunology. A new concept of immunogenicity to calculate the risk Stratification for kidney transplantation. Medical Microbiology & Immunology (Stanislaw Stepkowski, Chair),  June 2017.
  • Daniel Craig. Low Frequency Airway Epithelial Cell Mutation Pattern Associated with Lung Cancer Risk. Cancer Biology (James Willey, Chair), June 2019.
  • Ahmed Al-Khudhair.  Anti PD-1/PD-L1 Immunotherapy, New Era in the Fight Against Cancer, Genomic and Transcriptomic Exploration. Molecular Medicine (Juan Jaume, Chair), December 2019.
  • Zakaria Alyousif. Passive Leg Movement and NO-Mediated Vascular Function: The Impact of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences (Barry Scheuermann, Chair), June 2020.
  • Priti Singh.  Using Rauch model. Applied Measurement and Statistics (Noela Haughton, Chair),  June 2020.
  • Katsumi Takeno.  Within- and Between-Day Reliability of Corticomotor Excitability Assessment Techniques in the Upper Extremity: A Reliability Study. Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences (Grant Norte, Chair), June 2020.
  • Nilgun Sezginis. Factors Associated with Breast Cancer Screening Behaviors among the United States Born Versus Foreign Born Middle Eastern Women: A Mixed Methods Approach. Health Education (Shipra Singh, Chair), December 2020.
  • Lijun Liu, Measurement (Noela Haughton, Chair), June 2021.
  • Monica William. Analyzing the impact of Social Network Strength of Ties on Diabetes Self-Care Management in Older Adults. Health Education (Victoria Steiner, Chair), June 2021.
  • Rajesh Nagisetty, Geography and planning (Bhuiyam Alam, Chair), expected June 2022.
  • Khaled Alganem. Network-based multi-omics integration of chip-based kinase activity arrays with transcriptional and proteomic cellular signatures. Neuroscience (Robert McCullumsmith, Chair), expected June 2022.
  • Abdul-rizaq Hamoud. Examining differential cancer rates in severe mental illness. Neuroscience (Robert McCullumsmith, Chair), expected June 2023.


  • Page Miller. Measurements of organic vapor emissions from petroleum wastewater treatment vents. (Michael Bisesi, Chair), June 1997
  • Ralph Caringi. Measurement of airborne volatile organic vapors collected at an oil refinery wastewater treatment operation. (Michael Bisesi, Chair), June 1997
  • David Breitigam. Particle size distribution analysis on various processes in a beryllia ceramics plant. (Farhang Akbar, Chair), June 1997
  • Denny Bitovski. Occupational and non-occupational exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields of school employees in a Canadian school district. (Farhang Akbar, Chair), June 1997
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  • Edgar Pulido. Feasibility of respirators and goggles use to control formaldehyde exposure in gross anatomy laboratories.  (Farhang Akbar, Chair), June 1998
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  • Cynthia Twining. Bioaerosol levels of gram-negative bacteria at specific locations within phases of municipal waste water treatment.  (Michael Bisesi, Chair), June 2000
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  • Pet Bollenbacher. Surface sampling for fungi in the metalworking fluid environment. (Brian Harrington , Chair), June 2002
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  • Ken Smigielski. Design and set up of a system for testing HEPA filter efficiency.  (Farhang Akbar, Chair), June 2007
  • Bess Weaver. Solar ultraviolet radiation exposure in outdoor work environment at Bowling Green, Ohio.  (Farhang Akbar, Chair), June 2008 
  • Eugene Smith. Skid loader noise exposure assessment in a confinement dairy barn. (Sheryl Milz, Chair), June 2010


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  • Malebari, Afnan Sami S. Improving a Method for High-Resolution HLA-Typing In Transplantation. (Stanislaw Stepkowski, Chair), June 2017.


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  • John Dillon (Heather Conti, Chair), December 2020.


  • Tessa  Hasting. Examining the impact of hybrid pharmacy practice model on medication adherence in patients with metabolic syndrome. Pharmacy  (Robert Bechtol, Chair), June 2015.
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  • Angela Simon. Factors that Influence the Intent of Pharmacists in the Provision of Medication Therapy Management Services. (Sharrel Pinto, Chair), May 2018.

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