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lThe city of Toledo is located in northwest Ohio at the western shore of Lake Erie and borders the state of Michigan. The Toledo metropolitan area has a population of approximately 651,000, what makes it the fourth most populous city in the state of Ohio, after Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus. The city offers a wide array of cultural opportunities including a world-class art museum, a symphony orchestra, an opera, an active jazz society, and many theatres. A variety of activities are available not only in Toledo but also in the nearby (1-2 hours driving) cities of Ann Arbor, Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton, Detroit, and Fort Wayne. Within 3-5 hours of driving distance, one can also visit Cincinnati (OH), Chicago (IL), Pittsburgh (PA), Lexington (KY), Louisville (KY), Buffalo/Niagara Falls (NY), and Toronto, Canada. Toledo, as most of the Great Lakes region, has a humid continental climate characterized by four distinct seasons with varying temperature and precipitation. 

Put in BayNot far from Toledo are numerous fun and interesting attractions. Additional information about Toledo and the northwest Ohio area can be found in the following links:

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