College of Medicine MD Curriculum

NICU Elective-TCH

Title of Clerkship: NICU Elective-TCH

Elective Type: Third Year Medical Students

Department: Pediatrics

Type of Elective: Clinical

Clerkship Site: Toledo Children’s Hospital –Phone 419-291-4225

Course Number: PEDS 767

Blocks Available: All

Number of Students/ Block: 1 to 2

Faculty: Howard Stein, MD. along with all NICU attendings.

Elective Description/ Requirements:
The student will become familiar with the diagnoses and management of problems seen in full-term and premature infants. He/she will understand the pathophysiology underlying these conditions. In addition, the student will actively participate in the care of the newborns, sharing responsibility with the rest of the medical team for their care. In addition, the student will participate in neonatal resuscitation by attending deliveries of high-risk newborns.

Length of Clerkship: 4 Weeks

Educational Course Objectives: At the end of the rotation the student should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate and apply the knowledge of the pathophysiology of common problems seen in the neonate, particularly those of cardio-respiratory nature in management of neonatal patients. EPOs: MK 3, MK4
  2. Analyze medical problems and use previously acquired knowledge to synthesize and appropriate differential diagnosis. EPOs: MK 7, PC 8, PC10
  3. Evaluate the progress of the team’s management decisions and discuss appropriate adjustments to the care of the patient. EPOs: PBL 1, PC 3, PC 8 
  4. Demonstrate a commitment to learning about issues unique to newborns requiring intensive care management. EPOs: PC 1, PC2, PC4 
  5. Perform procedures under direct supervision of attending physician. These procedures may include insertion of umbilical catheters, lumbar puncture, endotracheal intubation, neonatal resuscitation, and arterial and venipuncture. EPOs: PC 6

Professionalism: UT/COM students will meet or exceed the institutional standards for professionalism as stated in the current Educational Program objectives and the current Educational Course Objectives for the Sponsoring Department

Instructional Methods:

  1. Clinical case presentations/write-up
  2. Inpatient rounds
  3. Teaching rounds
  4. Mentored technical skills practice

Evaluation methods employed:

  1. Case presentation
  2. Faculty observation of behavior with NICU staff, including residents in training
  3. Faulty/Resident observation and assessment of clinical skills

Prerequisites: Successful completion of third year required Pediatric clerkship.

Clerkship Director: Rajat Kaul, MD

Clerkship Coordinator: Joseph Osinski
Phone Number: 419-291-0377

Special Requirements: Will be on call once a week. 

Last Updated: 10/28/22